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FirstLine Therapy® (FLT)

Take Back Your Health!

Take Back Your Health!

FirstLine Therapy®  (FLT)  is a unique,  therapeutic lifestyle change program.    It targets the underlying causes of chronic illness and weight gain by incorporating key elements of integrative medicine.

Do you know someone that is overweight?
Do they have blood sugar issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high triglycerides?

You probably know more than one person with this diagnosis, known as Metabolic Syndrome.
In fact it only requires 3 of the 5 conditions above to be clinically diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome.
Metabolic Syndrome greatly predisposes people to vast amounts of other diseases later in life…this is America’s epidemic.

Chronic diseases account for 78% of annual healthcare costs and one-third of the years of potential life lost before age 65!

Would you like to correct, manage or reverse chronic disease without the use of dangerous drugs?
Would you like to prevent future illnesses and ailments?
Would you like feel the best you have ever felt and be the healthiest person that you can be?

Of course you do. Let us explain why this works so well…

 Keys to this doctor-supervised program:
-FLT is is unique in that it is not strictly a “weight loss” program.  It DOES however,  improve body composition* while also dealing with ailments like high cholesterol, blood pressure, and insulin resistance.
*Body Composition is important because “losing weight” is not a proper goal, losing fat is. We want to maintain or increase muscle.

-FLT eating plans are structured for each individual patient based on THEIR needs, while utilizing scientific research as a foundation…not fad diets.

-FLT incorporates the use of appropriate and powerful medical foods, nutraceuticals and supplements to enhance the program effectiveness while shortening the time to achieve risk reduction goals. These are not over-the-counter low quality “supplements” found at health-food stores.

-FLT has been demonstrated to be very effective in HUMAN CLINICAL STUDIES!
We know these programs work because they have been used extensively with success.

Illness is NOT a normal part of aging, nor is pain.

Click here for a list of common ailments we see in the office.