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Dry Needling



Myofascial Trigger Point is a hyper-irritable spot within a taut band of skeletal muscle that produces local or referred pain. Myofascial pain is one of the most common sources of musculoskeletal pain and has its hallmark presence in those taut bands and small hyper-irritable regions. Trigger points can have a referred pain pattern and may be associated with an over stressed central nervous system.

Dry Needling involves the insertion of a thin filament needle to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, and ligaments). The result of Dry Needling is pain relief, increased range of motion, and restoration of healthy physiology.


***Dry Needling is not acupuncture.

Treatable Conditions Include:

• Acute/Chronic injuries

• Headaches

• Tendonitis

• Golfer’s/Tennis Elbow

• Hip/Knee pain

• Fibromyalgia

• Sciatica

• Plantar fasciitis