On your first visit, you will be warmly welcomed and a one-to-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health issues and goals. The next step is to complete a comprehensive chiropractic evaluation and neurological testing to determine the exact cause of your health problems. At your follow-up appointment, the doctor will explain the issues affecting you in a report of exam findings and a specific plan of care will be created for you so we can start the path to healing and achieve your health goals. It is at this time the first adjustment is (usually) done! 

The purpose of neurological-based chiropractic care is to give your body the best opportunity to heal and function with as little subluxation interference to your nervous system as possible.

Have you ever learned something new? How hard is it the first few times you do it?

Your old way of walking, thinking, carrying yourself, eating, moving, living, and working all change when you are under corrective care. It takes time to learn a new way of doing all these things! There is no magic pill to health or healing.

New Patients: Please Print the New Patient Intake Form and any of the following outcome assessments that are appropriate to conditions you may have.

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