Amazing Machines

Can your body compete with horsepower and technology to be an amazing machine? Find out how to improve your PERFORMANCE now!

Many of us look at these performance machines as like they are an unobtainable precious metal. We oogle as they drive by with their thunderous exhausts rumbling to our cores. We think in the back our minds about how cool it would be to drive one of these. Some of us aspire to one day own a Lamborghini, or more likely, a Mustang or Camaro.

What if I told you that you already owned an amazing machine? Something far more advanced than the onboard computer systems and finely tuned engines on these vehicles. Well, the truth is…you do! How well it performs is up to you. This machine is your body. It has a central computer system that controls everything it does, just like a Ferrari does, only infinitely more complex. This computer is the nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord.

Our bodies are made of trillions of cells. These cells make up our organs. Every single cell in the body has an electrical connection with the brain. This connection is absolutely vital to life because there needs to be constant communication between the computer and what it is controling. Just like the traction control systems and electronic breaking on these performance machines. Without that flawless connection, information is lost or delayed. This will reap havok on the performance of your body, just as it would with a Corvette ZR1.

As you I type this, thousands of reactions are taking place in my body that I am not even aware of. Imagine if you had to consciously think about each breath you took, or each heartbeat in your chest , or the pupil constriction in your eyes…both eyes, at the same time!

The truth is, a squeaky wheel (pain) is often the last symptom of dysfunction in the body. The part that is squeaking probably went bad a long time ago. Sure, we may be able to correct that annoying squeak, after all a side effect of a spinal adjustment is pain relief because it allows the body to heal more effiecently. However, it makes more senseto keep your machine tuned up properly and avoid the squeaking to begin with. The time to make sure your spare tire is properly inflated is NOT when you need it…think about that for a minute.