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Maintenance Care

More than likely you are; however, familiar with the concept of Dental Hygiene. The practice of dental hygiene is commonly taught at a very young age and sometimes even at school. So why is hygiene of the teeth so popular yet that of the spine is not? We’re not sure. Although, it may have something to do with the fact that your teeth are part of your face… and you can see them. We can’t help but think as chiropractors that people might take better care of their spines if they wore them on their face!

There are many aspects of dentistry that are analogous to chiropractic. Both deal with the preventative aspects of hygiene to ward off degeneration. One being degeneration of the mouth. This can occur via cavities in the teeth, or gingivitis, which can result in “rotting” of the teeth. The spine can degenerate as well. When this happens the vertebrae themselves can grow sharp thorn-like pieces called “spurs,” the vertebral disc can likewise shrink or deteriorate, and in severe degeneration the spine can even fuse together. The dentist will his tools by means of a filling or a root canal to save a tooth from degeneration. A chiropractor will likewise use what is called an “adjustment” to restore motion to the spine and prevent spinal degeneration.

Which between these hygienes do you suppose is more important? If you had to choose (and we are not recommending you do) which do you think is more beneficial to your body? There are some important differences to note. For one thing… you can replace your teeth. All of them. You cannot; however, replace your spine. More importantly, the nerves which control and regulate every process in the entire body go through the vertebral column. It is our belief as chiropractors that degeneration and irritation to the vertebral column, through lack of movement or misalignment has a detrimental effect on the nervous system.

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