Vegetable Oil: Omega 6’s

Unfortunately these poison-like oils are used in many of the foods we eat, especially processed foods.
These contain large amounts of Omega 6 fatty acids that cause inflammation and deterioration of the body.
We consume way too many of the Omega 6 fatty acids!

The processing of the ingredients requires large amounts of heat and chemicals to form and stabilize the “food”.
The heat turns the oils rancid and dangerous. The chemicals are added to resist decay (increase shelf life), give an appealing color or flavor, and neutralize other chemical processing .

We then eat the toxic food in mass quantity; fast foods, snack cakes, granola & protein bars, cheap supplements and many other “foods”.

Avoid: Safflower, Corn, Sunflower, Soybean, and Cottonseed oil.
With the exception of Soybean, these contain more than 50% Omega 6 acids.

Safflower oil – ~80% Omega 6!
We DO need Omega 6 fatty acids, though. Get them from almonds, avocados, and unheated olive oil.

Inflammation is a huge component of aging, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, systemic diseases like cancer and Lupus, and even genetic changes in the DNA!


I use our quality supplements like specific Omega 3 fatty acids to neutralize the inflammation caused by the Omega 6 fatty acids.
Do NOT but just cheap Omega 3’s, they are not pure, tested or potent.
Recent studies show that many Omega 3 supplements are contaminated with heavy metals and the oils are actually rancid…poisonous.

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