Coconut Oil

I am often asked what I personally cook with once patients find out how bad the “Standard” spray oils are for their health and healing process. The answer is almost exclusively organic coconut oil.

Here is why it is good for your hair, skin and entire body (even immune system).
1. Medium Chain Triglycerides – small enough to be used as energy quickly, no need to store them as body fat!
3. Weight Loss – Medium Chain Triglycerides actually promote fat loss!
4. Saturated Fatsvital to everyday function and proven not to cause heart disease, like once thought!
5. Immunity – contains tons of Lauric Acid, a fatty acid that is anti-fungal & anti-bacterial. Some studies suggest even anti-viral!
6. Stable – the saturated fatty acids resist deconstruction from heat unlike other oils, so it is not rancid after pan-frying!
7. Cholesterol – Studies indicate that it raises good cholesterol, HDL and lowers LDL!
8. Lipid Profiles – Blood levels of triglycerides have been reduced in clinical studies!
9. Moisturizer – Excellent, safe moisturizer without useless chemicals that harm the body!
10. Many more reasons and even more uses!

*Some people say that the ketone products of MCT metabolism, especially in combination with a low carbohydrate diet, provides “energy” for the brain. I personally do not agree with this because the brain functions on primarily glucose . Ketones are produced when glucose is not readily available, and therefore preferred second to glucose, as a last resort.

In the majority of people (non-epileptic) glucose is a much better choice than forcing yourself into ketoacidosis.
The body needs balance…not extremes.

As always, this post is based on my opinion as a doctor,  and not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease.