One downside to a High Protein Diet?

The latest trend in dieting is now a high protein diet, and for good reason.  Protein is an essential element of the human body.  Without protein our bodies would quickly deteriorate and melt from the inside out.   Amino acids are not only used to rebuild our muscles, but also used in countless processes involving digestion, enzymes, detoxification, and healthy aging.  It is imperative to life that we consume protein; however, not all protein is created equal.  What do I mean by this?

Well, for starters, let’s think about why pregnant women are not supposed to consume unnecessary prescription drugs, recreational drugs, smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol. The obvious reason is that whatever Mom puts in her body will be passed on to the baby.  Just like it is generally not recommended for us to eat bottom-feeding fresh water fish & some types of rodents. Why? The garbage they eat will have an effect on us when we eat them.

That being said, we must remember where we get our protein from.  The most obvious source is meat. Unfortunately, the vast majority of meat produced in America is actually considered toxic and poisonous by European standards. How can this be?
Big Farms Manure vreba-hoff medinaAmerican produced meat starts off as hundreds or even thousands of tightly packed animals in a large building.  Packed like sardines, the cattle or chickens spend most of their lives standing in feces with only inches to move.  What happens to people when they live in crowded, unsanitary conditions? Disease spreads rampantly.  The same would be true in this case if it were not for the use of extreme antibiotics, steroids, hormones and dangerous medications.  Many of these additives are illegal for use in Europe because of the toxic effect they have on humans and the livestock. The ban dates back to 1988, based on concerns about the addition of six hormones to more than 90% of American beef.


Not only are they deprived of sunshine, fresh air and movement but also their natural diet.  These foraging animals traditionally graze for their food and consume a variety of nutrients in their natural diet. This variety of organic nutrients builds healthier animals and animal products like eggs and dairy.  However, in captivity these animals are fed the most inexpensive feeds as possible. Often, these feeds consist of mostly genetically modified soy and/ or corn, two things that they would probably never eat in nature.  Once butchered, the meat is chemically treated again and again.Combine the living quarters, nutrient-free diet, and chronic use of medications…and you can see how this recipe would not make a healthy choice of meat for consumption.  It is best to avoid this profit-over-life monopoly, always look for certified organic, grass fed, pasture free beef and chicken.


Dr. Ryan Zeronis, DC