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A new view on autism support

Over the past decade, the diagnosis of autism is rising rapidly. The latest statistics show that one in every 50 children has some form of autism. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects social interaction, communication and imagination. Even though the exact cause of this disease is unknown, many link it to genetics; however

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Autism Ties?

Autism is skyrocketing in America and seemly will continue to do so until we figure out why. In this post, I will briefly touch on a few things that one should consider when pondering. I reference Kevin Trudeau as he makes a few valid points in his book, Natural Cures, one being that autism was

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Vaccine Requirements & Exemptions

“Any child whose parents are opposed to medical immunization against disease, and who object by a written sworn statement to the immunization of such child on religious grounds shall be exempt from immunizations.  Medical exemptions are also allowed.” Click here to read specific laws  concerning Kentucky’s Vaccination policies The information contained on Align Your Spine

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