His Autoimmune Fix – Sleep Apnea?

One thing that I can say with endless enthusiasm is that my career has been, and remains very fulfilling.  There is an endless supply of people that want to get well and yet cannot. This is despite the best medical interventions available. We attract a lot of “functionally ill” patients that hear about us from someone else who experienced a “miracle” while working with us.  “Functionally ill” people are still able to be helped because they have not gone so far down the conventional “treatment” route that “correction” is no longer possible.  With God’s intervention and guidance we are often the only successful option for these unfortunate people. This is now more the” norm” than the rare exception, these days.

One such case is a patient named, Bruce. After being a chiropractic patient for years he recently developed an autoimmune disease that is attacking his skin. For whatever reason, he sought conventional treatment and ended up with the usual; steroids, creams and immune-suppressant drugs.  Did these help is skin? Yes, temporarily. Did they help the condition? Nope, of course not.

Why do I say that with certainty?

Because, the cause of his autoimmunity was not identified…what was the trigger?

To make a long story short, we assessed him using Nutrition Response Testing and our own unique approaches and we traced this skin reactions to his C-PAP mask. As, it turns out, his “hypoallergenic” mask contains heavy metals and over time his immune system reacted to them.

The proof is in the function:

When assessed while wearing his mask, his body responded very negatively in testing and then began to itch severely. We were able to isolate the cause and then isolate the specific remedy and upon using the remedy…the itching stopped “almost immediately”. He was as surprised as he was grateful!

God is GOOD:

Problem identified.  Cause identified.  Specific and exact support identified.  No more itching. Easy work.

End Result:

Do you think he is on his way to recovery and normal function?
– Yes, indeed!
Thank the LORD above.

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Zeronis, DC, ACN, CCWFN