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Nutrition Therapy

Therapeutic nutrition is simply amazing.
So many, if not all, disease processes are due to imbalance in the body.

One example may be catching the common cold because you were up late and very stressed out the last four days trying to meet a deadline and your immune system finally lost the battle. Another example is degeneration, we are constantly rebuilding our bodies out of what we put into them as a source of building materials. If we go too long without the specific variety of nutrients in the proper amount and balance we begin to degrade. This degradation persists and continues without end in sight. Fatigue is a great example with multiple components as well, its a recipe prescribed by America. What I mean by that is our lifestyles (and our teeth) are digging our graves. This lifestyle creates a stress that the body was never meant to handle and ultimately makes us lethargic.

This also holds true for illness processes (pathophysiology – how it begins & it progresses). Every condition starts somewhere and amazingly enough, even years later we find that addressing that root cause will allow the body to begin healing itself again. Cavities, gall bladder removal, heart burn, headaches, osteoporosis, early menopause, menstrual problems, libido issues, insomnia, fatigue, stomach ulcers, yeast infections are some very common, but NOT normal ailments that relate to other biochemical imbalances in the body. There are many many others as well.
Medications are necessary is many cases, nutrition therapy can often allow for a reduction or elimination in the need for dangerous drugs. I am not advocating that you stop your medication usage, I am recommending that you try something so that you may reduce it…your body will thank you.