“I have a history of back and neck issues that chiropractic care has help to mitigate and allow me train harder and be more productive in the physical aspects of my career.” –Seanphoto 2

Sean is a lieutenant and paramedic for the Frankfort Fire and EMS. He has been with the Frankfort team for 17 ½ years! Sean trains in Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-jitsu at the Valhalla Academy here in Frankfort.  He also competes in Firefighter Combat Challenges across the United States. Like many athletes, Seancame to our office looking for an increase his performance, mobility, and to prevent injuries from occurring. Throughout his care with us, we have helped him with recovery, pain management, and even eliminated pain that he has suffered from for years as a result of training, his age, and his job.

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