Myotherapy is is a form ofĀ manual therapyĀ that utilizes theĀ application of soft-tissue manipulation as a correctiveĀ treatment to accomplish Ā the rehabilitation ofĀ musculoskeletalĀ pain and associated pathologies.

Is it massage?

No, although we may utilize massage as needed. MassageĀ , while not necessarily “corrective,” is beneficial for stress relief. Stress relief is important because stress can place uneven tension on shoulder muscles that attach to the vertebra. When that happens, the vertebra misalign & interfere with the electrical flow from the spinal cord and create a muscle spasm and silent organ problems! (Organ Dysfunction)

Does it hurt?

It can, but not always. There may be some discomfort because of an injury to the muscle or joints. Inflamed and strained muscles may feel sore after or during a treatment. The end result is often a very relaxed and pain-free feeling. There are various types of myotherapy that can be performed in the office depending on the desired result, where the injury is and the pathology at hand.

Why is it done?

Your body will heal (and stop hurting) faster if you are not experiencing interference in the nerves. Our nerves transmit electricity throughout our body which tell it to heal, feel, move, digest, pump blood…well actually the run the entire body. If you are adjusted we are also correcting muscle and fascial imbalances that have been in place as long as the misaligned bones. If we do not correct the soft tissue attached to the adjusted bone, those tissues will contract and sublux that bone to it’s improper position again. This is why our patients tend to heal quickly…we do more to keep the nerves healthy.

Will I need to get undressed?

You may be required to remove some clothing, but you will not be asked to remove all of your clothing. Areas not being worked on will either remain clothed or be covered by a sheet or blanket.

Can I get myotherapy even if I am not in pain?

Of course! Myotherapy can be a very effective tool for general relaxation, stiffness, restoring range of motion, and preventing certain injuries.

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