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We operate a practice that is very dynamic in terms of what we are doing day to day. As one can imagine, the testimonials we have been blessed with vary greatly and we would like to share some with you occasionally. Keep in mind, the chiropractic profession does not "treat" anything specifically. Instead our focus is on correcting imbalances in the spine causing imbalances in the rest of the body. Many times these other imbalances are related to the spine, and therefore are also addressed.




We came to Dr. Z after trying many other treatments for my son who has had chronic stomach and intestinal pain. After being hospitalized in December because of inflamed intestines, we began seeking more alternative treatments since traditional medicine could offer us no hope for his continued recovery. He has been receiving nutrition and chiropractic care for 4 months now and is seeing much improvement. Dr. Z shows great care and concern for my son, and he communicates far better than any other Doctor I have been to. He always answers emails, calls to check on us, and takes time to explain what he is doing during our visits. My son has taken ownership of his health and now shows an interest in the work Dr. Z does. I would (and I do!) recommended this office to anyone.    ---Stephanie Fulcher via Google Business Reviews


Dr. Socha and Dr. Z have been treating me for 8+ months. I originally sought treatment for a hamstring and knee injury. After 2-3 weeks of treatment, I was back to 100%. Since then I have attended regularly, twice a week program. They have treated a shoulder injury and a lower back injury as well with great outcomes. I am a "why" person, and they always educate me what they are doing and why they are doing it as they treat me. I have noticed improvement in my fitness capabilities and every day movement. They are professional, their staff is wonderful, and I always experience short to no wait time.

---David Gerace via Google Business Reviews



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