Tinnitus Cases: (Picture courtesy of Great Hills ENT)

Three of our most profound cases of tinnitus were incidentally resolved, actually. One patient, named B.H. had constant roaring in her “head” from the tinnitus. I informed her that there are many causes of tinnitus and there is always a possibility that it may clear up while we are focusing on her other issues. Sure enough, despite being adjusted previously at another doctor’s office, the roaring in her head had stopped after a very specific adjustment was made to the top vertebra in her neck. B.H.: “I am still confused as to why this adjustment cleared up the roaring and my other chiropractor’s adjustments didn’t, I am just glad that it is much much less now”.

This patient will be referred to as L.S., she had a similar situation as B.H. Hers was only in one ear, though. This was traced back to a muscle imbalance and misaligned vertebra. This is what she had to say about the relief: “I cannot believe that is all it took to get rid of that dang ringing! All of those years!”

The last patient I will share about had tinnitus that was actually caused by a yeast overgrowth! We cleared up her yeast imbalance and she informed us that the ringing in her ears had lessened and lessened until it was gone!