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Who We Are

Align Your Spine Chiropractic is dedicated to solving your health challenges and your pain.
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We have a different approach to caring for our patients. You are our focus – not your insurance company or your benefits. We don’t base our recommendations on a bureaucracy’s cost-benefit ratio algorithm. The ultimate goal is to get to know what your needs and expectations are for your health and well-being, and help you meet those goals.

There was once a time in our country when doctors had time to care for and serve their patients on a relational-based level. The doctor knew the whole family, their kid’s Little League team, if they had just taken a family vacation, or that heirloom tomatoes are the only type that little Mrs. Jones will grow in her garden.

Maybe it’s our upbringing coupled with the Golden Rule that has brought us to this point in life. Whatever the reason is for this renewed focus on relation-based chiropractic care, we know you will like it.


Dr. Ryan Zeronis is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr. Zeronis discovered chiropractic the hard way. He had multiple failed wrist surgeries and an unnecessary knee surgery all before graduating high school! Finally, he ventured outside of the conventional model and found corrective-relief in chiropractic care. This is when he realized that he wanted to help people truly overcome physical obstacles in life. 

After graduating high school, Dr. Zeronis made his next step toward his future career. He enrolled in undergraduate college where he studied for five years and  obtained  his Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences from Carlow University. The next step in this journey began when Dr. Zeronis moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina to enroll in Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Zeronis went on to complete this program and received honors of President’s list and Dean’s list multiple times. While seeing patients, attending classes and studying for National Board exams, Dr. Zeronis was involved in the Academy of Chiropractic Excellence, Patient Education and X-ray Intern programs.

Dr. Zeronis believes that a community is only as strong as the members in it.  The two keys to strength in a community are relationships and trust, so he encourages people to stop by and say hi at the clinic. He takes part in community organizations,  is an Ambassador for the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, a certified FirstLine Therapist,  and volunteers anytime he is needed.  Often times Dr. Zeronis is asked to speak at events on health topics, sports performance, nutrition and wellness.  All of us at Align Your Spine Chiropractic are sport advocates.  Dr. Zeronis grew up playing hockey (Go Penguins!) & football (Go Steelers!), riding bmx, dirt bikes, and motorcycles. Some of his hobbies included four-wheeling, playing guitar and backpacking/camping.  

Dr. Dayna Socha is a native of Wyandotte, Michigan. She began chiropractic care the moment she was born and quickly learned the value of chiropractic. Both her and her twin sister, Dr. Megan Socha, D.C., were adjusted just minutes after birth from their lifetime chiropractors, Dr. Clair and Roger O’Dell. Getting adjusted at such a young age made it possible to experience a greater quality of life without vaccines, prescription drugs, ear infections, the flu, and headaches!

After graduating high school, Dr. Socha pursued her passion of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Excelsior College, Dr. Socha moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina and enrolled in Sherman College of Chiropractic. She received honors as the Intern of the Month and President’s list multiple times while at Sherman College of Chiropractic. Throughout her clinical experience, Dr. Socha was involved in the Academy of Chiropractic Excellence, Patient Education and X-ray Intern programs.

Dr. Socha truly believes in being part of the community.  She is an Ambassador for the Frankfort Chamber of Commerce, member of the Frankfort Civitan Club, and volunteers with the YMCA and many local schools. Also, Dr. Socha is a sport advocate.  She played basketball and softball since 4th grade and currently plays softball with a co-ed team.  Although Dr. Socha lives in Kentucky, she has not strayed from her roots and is still a tremendous fan of all Detroit sports!